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20 Tips for finding an Ideal Web Design Agency?

20 Tips for finding an Ideal Web Design Agency?

With the high number of competitors in the market, brand marketing is getting really tough. When the customers view your website the products should appeal to them. As said “First impressions is the last impression”, your website will be the first step in marketing your products. Apart from other marketing tricks, web design affects your entire internet presence.

Now here comes the most difficult part – finding the right web design agency for building your website.

These few factors mentioned below will help you find the right agency suiting your need and budget.

1. Research

Do a good research about the list of the agencies in the market that are good at their work. About what budget do you need and which are the agencies that you should be talking with to get your website done. Google it efficiently and know what you are looking for. Get some companies shortlisted which fits your bill.

2. Cater to your needs

First and foremost before hiring a web design agency for your website, check whether they cater to your needs or no. Out there are lots of agencies who will say they can do it all. But you need to first figure out what you need, about what you exactly want and then check whether they can fulfill it. Ask the agency about the projects they have done so far. Check whether the agency can meet the goals of your website.

3. Age is just a number

Barely has it mattered about how old the agency is. But its age can surely tell you how good they are if they have survived a long run. Though you cannot cut out a company if it’s new and delivers quality work. But surely know about how long the company has been working in this field. Even if the company has survived for more than two years, then definitely they have something standard to deliver.

4. Work speaks louder than words

Before getting involved with the agency make sure of their reputation in the market. When the companies work speaks more of its name, it is the one to bet for. Its value in the market tells about how committed they are. It speaks of their efficiency and quality.

5. Business with ethics

Do they follow business ethics in their work? Do they follow some principles to do their work? Be it a small or big agency they should follow all the rules and regulations so as to work efficiently and diligently. Agencies following business ethics show their commitment and honesty in their work.

6. Terms and conditions

Any business needs a contract in which both the parties give their consent. Before giving your consent to the agencies be clear with their terms and conditions. Whether the clause mentioned is really a boon to you or a smart move to get business from you. Both the agency and the customer should be benefitting from the agreement they have between them.

7. Know the solid score

It’s really important to know about the record of the company. Does ask the agency about their past records with the projects they have worked on. Check with their testimonials from their client. If possible, ask them for some case studies or whether they have worked before similar project like yours.

8. Communicate to understand

When the agency is taking your work in their hands do know about their principles and steps followed to build your website. Know what kind of approach they are using. A good agency will leave no stone behind to understand your need. Clarify with the agency of what you want and what they can deliver. Make sure you understand each and every minute point in the discussion about your website.

9. Value matters more than cost

Budget matters when you hire an agency. Be clear about your budget. But what matters the most is the value. If the work done by the agency is of good value and is beneficial for your business, then it’s fine to invest some more than your budget. But before that do have a look at their past records of what they have delivered to their previous clients. If it can bring you return on investment, then you can go ahead with the agency.

10. Team work delivers the best

During the discussion do make a note of the people that will be working for your website. Though not delving deep into their profile to make sure you know that people working for you are good at their work. Discussing about how they are going to develop your project will give you a small idea of their smartness and skills.

11. Know the coder

Some agencies might just use WordPress and launch your website, it’s ok till your website is functioning efficiently. But re-designing a website from scratch with a new design and colors with proper functioning needs good coding skill. Some agencies do not have a coder or4 a developer in their staff. So make sure you know about who is going to code for you.

12. Planning builds perfection

Ask for strategy or a plan of how they are going to bifurcate your needs into small goals and are going to achieve them. Know about what are the plans for the delivery of the work they are going to give you. Whether there are any changes required or something needs to be discarded completely. Clarity is important.

13. Over-deliver or under-deliver

Know clearly whether they will deliver what you need or more than that. Or they are just going to give you the main basic functionalities spurning of the small requirements stating they were not of great importance.

14. A walk in other’s shoes

The agency should clearly know about what you want to deliver to your customers. What will attract and appeal to them. The website should be user-friendly. The user should be able to understand your products or service. All the details should be mentioned properly.

15. Honesty

Don’t be fooled by their big talks. The work should be as needed. There should not be big promises which will shoot your budget high. Know that what they are talking can be delivered or no. Know how realistic and honest the agency is with you.

16. Important Factor – SEO

Some agencies focus on the look and feel of the website. This is not the right work. Visual appeal is important, but content cannot be overlooked. As its content is what will make it more searched by the SEO. If the agency is not good with intelligent words and with well-versed work, then it’s time to think once. Because the content will make it more easy to be optimized by the search engines.

17. Be Futuristic

Clearly know that after delivering to your needs, whether the agency will help you with its bug fixing and errors. If a bug occurs or the website is not user-friendly, they will fix it or is it once the work is done then it’s not their responsibility. If a change is needed then will that be done easily? Clarify these matters with the agency.

18. Return on Investment

The website the agency is going to build for you is it helping your business flourish. When you invest in something to make sure you get a good ROI out of it. What is the use if the website is efficient and appealing still, it’s not helping your business needs. So make sure the agency has worked on it with the motive of helping you achieve your goals through the website they are delivered to you.

19. Maintenance is must

The agency should be responsible for the quality or maintenance of the website. After the website is launched, its maintenance should be looked upon by the agency. Ask them about their maintenance services or plan if they have. Sign up for one of them, which is suitable according to you. A good website never loses its quality.

20. Be Local

Instead of going international with the big companies just to get the best work and with a high budget look for a local agency. The local agency will be near and will be easy to deal with. If any local agency is excellent at the work you want and if it suits your budget the suggestion will be to keep yourself local. It will be difficult to deal with the international companies according to their time zone and work ethics. These barriers will be less when working with a local agency.


Your company website is your business presence on the internet. A well maintained and simple yet efficient website can bring a lot of business to you.

So before engaging with any agency, know your needs and clarify it with them. Engage in discussions with the agency and know whether they fit into your criteria.

With a little research and effort, you could get the agency that will fit your list.

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