Mobile Marketing

Smartphones have become an integral part of user’s daily life. Consumers now use their smartphone and tablet as an extension to desktops.

The trending research on mobile marketing says that more than 80% of consumer’s browser on the internet and more than 60% use apps.

The graph gives you an inclined positive report that mobile marketing via apps in the different platform and customizing your website to fit your mobile or tablet screens browser is a valuable effort taken to improve your business.

Marketers must support a wide range of mobile tactics like, including the mobile website, applications, mobile email, SMS, push notifications, mobile advertising, mobile search and more.

Mobile marketing was one item in a checklist for enhancing your business few years ago, now the game has changed. Mobile is the future of Marketing.

We at Techweiser make marketing via mobile easy for you

  • Carefully study all your requirements
  • Learn, Research and decide where your customers hit more (Mobile Website/ Mobile Apps)

Mobile Applications

Developing an app in the required platform, with a proper feature list is a right key to uplift your business.

Why create a mobile app?

  • It allows you to reach your customers 24/7
  • You can earn money in your app; it can be either with ad’s or in-app purchase.
  • Make your app more interesting with refunds and offers that will attract customer to download your app. More reach of your brand at the end.

Email marketing is an old standby which works even today, till the time you have subscribers. But you really don’t know that they will see your email.

Mobile Apps overtake this disadvantage and provides a feature called “push notification”. This keeps the user engaged with your app.

Mobile Friendly Website

  • Better user experience.
  • Compatible to all platforms.
  • Helps in SEO ranking.
  • Mobile internet being very popular it demands to have a mobile friendly website.

Several ways to market your brand

App-Based marketing: Create mobile ads and these ads will appear within the third-party mobile apps

In-Game marketing: Mobile ads of your brand appears as a pop-ups or full-page image ads or even video ads between loading screens.

Location-based marketing: These ads appear when user’s location is relative to a specific area or business. Mobile search ads: These are basic Google search ads.

Mobile Site Extension Links: It useful and convenient for user perform operations like

  • Click to call: Customer can directly click on this link and call

  • Click to Download: Mobile being the most personal device we use, which makes it the best device to market to.

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